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Los Pinos Cantinas are grab-and-go Mexican restaurants in The Greater Boston Area of Massachusetts. Create your own meal from our mini buffet or order from the menu! To suit your budget, our meals range from $1 to $10 for both the buffet and regular menu, which is more affordable than others in the area.

Satisfied diners return on a weekly and even daily basis to enjoy our inexpensive, delicious meals. Our restaurant seats up to 30 people, so bring your whole family or group to enjoy a casual dining experience. We also have TVs to entertain you with soccer, football, and baseball games while you eat.

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Delivery & Takeout

If you are hosting a party or special event, order a food platter to serve your guests. Call us ahead of time to have your food ready for pickup. Let us deliver your lunch or dinner when you are too busy to stop and eat.

Enjoy our flavorful fast food while on-the-go with our take-out and delivery options.

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About Us

All born and raised in El Salvador, Central America, Javier, Hector and Cecilia Herrera from a very young age were already getting acquainted with the Mexican food culture. The Herrera’s observed the tourist who visited frequently, indulge and enjoy the fine taste Mexican food has to offer. Especially, growing up eating Pupusas and Burritos. Their vision was not to mimic the taste of Mexican food, but to add their very own touch. Bringing it to the states, where the American’s thrive on Mexican cuisine. Setting out knowing, with hard work and dedication, their dreams would come true!

It was at that point when the seeds were planted; 

the idea of opening their very own establishment was set deep in their minds. Eventually, the trio decided to pack their bags and head to the East Coast. Javier 15, Hector 18 and Cecilia 17 migrated to the City of East Boston Massachusetts, where they all began working for local restaurants. Picking up the Boston culture rather quickly, the trio decided to take a leap of faith that would soon prove their vision correct. With a lot of hard work of course! Thus Los Pinos was created! The very first establishment would come to life July 15th 2007 located on 82 Bennington St, East Boston, Massachusetts. With such great expectations and the desire to prove their talents for cooking. The Herrera family not only pleased the people beyond their imaginations; but did so, so much, it allowed for the opening of two more establishments. The second location opening, July 21st 2012, 227 Revere St, Revere, Massachusetts. Followed; not soon after, the third location was opened on January 1st, 2013, 50 Washington St, Chelsea, Massachusetts.


Los Pinos became most famous in their earlier years for their exceptional Pupusas, and Burritos, selling more than 60,000 plus combined, during their very first year of business. Those are exceptional numbers and speaks volumes of their reputation. As well as, longevity, in the Mexican food industry. To date this dynamic trio has built a loyal customer base in the Greater Boston area, reaching well into the thousands. They continue to do so one Pupusas and Burrito at a time.

We most certainly believe you have heard of Los Pinos from a friend, relative, or simply if you live in the Greater Boston area. Still there lies the big question! Have you been there and met the chefs in person. Javier, Hector and Cecilia are most known for their easy going attitudes, as well as their great humor. The trio will most definitely continue to accomplish great things and supersede there greatest expectations. Most importantly, they will continue to grow, as well as expand with one Pupusas and Burrito at a time. All we ask is not just to play a part, but be a part of the most reputable Mexican Restaurant establishment located in the Greater Boston area. Support the Herrera family’s hard work ethic, as well as dedication they have shown threw out the years. Stop in, say hello! Experience what the Herrera’s have since their dreams were first set in stone. Let them take you back to El Salvador, where it all began!

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Revere, MA

Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant

227 Revere Street,

Revere, MA 02151

(781) 284-3500

Hours- Mon - Sun: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Chelsea, MA

Los Pinos Mexican Grill

50 Washington Ave,

Chelsea, MA 02150

(617) 466-0734

Hours- Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

East Boston, MA

Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant - Mini Buffet 

82 Bennington Street,

East Boston, MA 02128

(617) 567-1761 

Hours- Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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